Helpful Resources and Tips


There are so many places, people and things I have found that have kept me strong in my goals. I'll try to share as many as I can think of that come to mind here. I know I won't be able to write them all down, but I'll do my best!
  • One of the most important tools of a weight loss program. After all, it always comes down to calories in calories out! Great phone app as well.
  • A website with an amazing community of support and success stories!
  • Same as above, great people here!
  • If you think a diet like keto is restrictive, think again...
  • IRC chat rooms #ketochat (freenode) and #loseit (snoonet). Links to these can be found on the above mentioned Reddit rooms. The people here are great, funny and supportive.
  • A pedometer. I've never afforded a FitBit, but cheaper ones from Amazon or phone apps work great as well!
  • A great website with lots of amazing keto diet resources and tips. The owner is very engaging, and if you message him, chances are he will respond back personally!
  • As mentioned elsewhere on this website, AreYouReadyToReddit's guide for a meal plan. I consider this to be one of the biggest reasons for my success. 
  • This weight loss spreadsheet helped keep my loss in prospective and kept me going. It was made by a Redditor, likwidtek.
  • A great reddit post here about alternative sweeteners!


  • Fitness is great for being healthy, diet is great for weight loss. You cannot out run a bad diet, it will always come down to calories in vs calories out. Do you want to eat that brownie, or run at the gym for 40 minutes? The vast majority of my loss has been through diet alone
  • Sugar free gum has been great for me to help curb snack cravings. It has developed into it's own addiction, be careful about that. Never thought I would say something like, "I go through a pack every few days!"
  • Keto or any other diet plan is not magic. The reason I went with keto is that it keeps me fuller on less calories. Remember to eat below your daily calorie limit.
  • Find a good TDEE calorie calculator, and set your activity to sedentary. The general consensus is to never count the calories you burn from activities, they are to be treated like the icing on the cake.
  • Did you cheat and eat a bunch of food? Scale says that you gained six pounds from your day off your diet? Remember that each pound is roughly 3500 calories, that is a ton. Unless you ate 10 large cheese pizzas, remember that your body holds onto water weight.
  • In a stall, nothing is losing for weeks now!? Keep going and counting your calories, it will work itself out.
  • Cycling was a great way to work out. Fun and easy on the body, I hope to get into it more when I am able to afford a better bike. Check out for great people!
  • Meal prepping for the week is an amazing tool. No matter what diet you are on (or even not at all) its an amazing way to save money, add convenience and remove temptation.