My Gallery

Below you will find some of the many photos that show my weight loss journey. All photos are not to be used without my permission. Sorry for the red lettering on the photos, progress pics are some of the most stolen on the internet.

If you keep scrolling down you will see my shirtless progression photos. As a man, I am ashamed of how embarrassing I find this, but I believe it to be a big part of who I am. These are my battle scars, and the only way they will go away is if they are replaced by new ones. If you are at work, or don't wish to see a man without a shirt and loose skin, you can stop scrolling after my face comparison.
A poor pony that is still recovering. -2011
(No pony was ridden or harmed in the making of this photo!)

One of the last photos from my time being at 425. Started losing weight soon after. -2013

Look at that happy man! Big shoutout to /u/outsidepr for gifting me this great and, er, slimming cycling jersey! - 2014

With recent job changes comes the chance for a new job photo! -2016

A face progression from my journey. Not sure if it's the effect of the camera but I find it really hard to see the difference in most of these shots.